Boardworks Eradicator - 14'0" Carbon Stand Up Paddleboard

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Boardworks Eradicator - 14'0" Carbon Stand Up Paddleboard

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Ready to race, the Eradicator 14ft SUP from Boardworks Surf is perfect for elite and recreational racers alike. The hull design on this board features a fairly flat rocker for speed and performance in flat water; while a flat bottom with a V off the tail allows for easy water release. A mildly recessed cockpit makes for a lower center of gravity and ease of movement on the board, with the wide point moved back for improved stability. This board also features a single race fin that is designed for speed and tracking, and a LiftSUP handle for running beach starts, easy portage and locking.

 Materials    Krypto-Lite/ Carbon Innegra       
Actual Length    14ft.  Width    27 in.     Thickness    6.5 in.      Volume    286L  Weight Capacity    310 lbs.      Hull Type    Displacement  

          Hull Design for Ultimate Speed and Versatility

  • Fairly Flat Rocker for Speed
  • Flat Bottom with V off the Tail
  • Mildly Recessed Cockpit
  • Wide Point Moved Back for Stability
  • Low Entry Rocker for Excelling in Flatwater
  • Fin Placement Forward for Fast Turns and Performance in the Surf
  • Self-Regulating Vent Plug
  • Single Race Fin for Speed and Tracking
  • LiftSUP Handle
  • Very Light and Extremely Durable Krypto-Lite Construction
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