Sheboygan Area Surf Forecast

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Forecast : January 14th- 20th Please remember this is a forecast and can change daily, conditions vary, finding clean waves is the trick...always ask.

Monday 1/14 -Winds light, Flat.

Tuesday 1/15 -Winds W 10-15 mph. Flat.

Wednesday 1/16 -Winds N 15-20 mph Waves 0-1 feet

Thursday 1/17- Winds light variable. Flat

Friday 1/18 -Winds N 5-10 mph.Flat.

Saturday 1/19- Winds NE 15-20 mph. Waves 1-2 feet building to 2-3 feet.

Sunday 1/20- Winds N 20-25 mph. Waves 2-4 feet.

Always know before you go  and please respect local surf spots.



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Sheboygan’s Northbeach / Elbow Webcam
Sheboygan’s Southbeach / Blue Harbor Webcam

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