1st Annual Sheboygan River Riot!

Get in on the Fun during the River Riot! September 22, 2018 @ 10:30 AM to 12:30 AM

1st annual River Riot is a non-race but fun race of mayhem! Set during river days right before the Craft Beer Festival...perfect timing! Kayaks and sups are used to pull a half barrel in a race to who can win the coveted RR trophy. $20 per person will get you entry, limited edition event t-shirt, use of a kayak or sup, free drink tickets to participating vendors and the chance to go down in history! More info to follow.

More Information at the Facebook Page: Click Here

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EOS opens Sheboygan Quarry Adventure Park

This new adventure for EOS will be a big undertaking but we are ready for the challenge! Look for family fun while nestled on the beach of the beautiful spring fed Sheboygan Quarry Park. Check out the website at Sheboyganquarry.com.

Opening mid June 2017 we will provide all the fun things that the park had in the past along with many experiences for paddle sports, lessons and group outings. We have big plans for the park in the future and can't wait to make the Quarry a destination for water and nature lovers like in the past!