International Go Surfing Day Was Cold, But Fun :)

International Go Surfing day is the 15th day of June and this year, in Sheboygan, it was quite cold and windy. However, that did not stop a dozen or so people from coming to try out surf boards and paddle boards on the beach.

Thank you for joining us, even though the weather was not very friendly. Hopefully the summer months bring more chances to get out on the water! Remember, if you want to get out and explore the water, we have rental options, as well as lessons available through the summer! Click here to learn more.

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What Is A Displacement Hull - SUP Education Series

Getting used to a stand up paddle board can be a challenge. You will easily notice muscles inside your body that you didn’t even realize where there as they start to throb from the full body workout of paddling your SUP. In this post, we are going to talk about stand up paddles boards and what a “displacement hull” means to you.

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The Displacement Hull Design

There are a couple of different hull designs for stand up paddle boards. Once you get used to seeing them around, or even standing on one, you will start to notice the difference. For the majority of the SUP world, the displacement hull is considered the “road bike” of the water.

The reasons behind that correlation is that a displacement hull will give you quick acceleration, top end speed and an efficient glide in optimal conditions. With one quick look, a displacement hull looks rounded shape on the bottom and the nose comes to more of a point in the bow.

Why The Displacement Hull Works For Speed

The idea behind the design is that the nose of the board is going to cut, or pierce through the water all the while keeping the board on track. The design will also aid in reducing drag through chop and promote more of a glide, while giving a higher top end speed.

Generally, the rocker line is flat and you will notice greater volumes when compared to a surf style board. The volume gives the board more float above the water, which is how it will reduce the drag, overall. Just from reducing the drag, the rider will notice better glide ratios and faster speed on the top end.

Do You Need a Displacement Hull On Your SUP?

This question can be answered by personal preference mostly. However, the size of this design encourages stability and might be ideal for heavier paddlers. Since narrow boards are generally faster, but less stable, the displacement hull design might be a better option if you want to feel more stable while out on the water.

Remember, purchasing a stand up paddle board with a displacement hull adds quick acceleration, top end speed and efficient glide in optimal conditions making the board a perfect fit for long distance paddlers.

Surf Tribe Swap & Sale

Come one come all, Saturday April 27th. Bring in your gear to sell and we will put it up in the shop at no commission for the weekend. Swap, buy or sell surfboards, sup’s or newer in good shape wetsuits. (please no beat up, smelly suits). Have some beers and other beverages along with a bite to eat while watch the surf movie “Please Have Fun” , board repair demo by Mike Miller, Surfboard design discussion with our Aussie friend Grant Davey and just hang out with the tribe.


1st Annual Sheboygan River Riot!

Get in on the Fun during the River Riot! September 22, 2018 @ 10:30 AM to 12:30 AM

1st annual River Riot is a non-race but fun race of mayhem! Set during river days right before the Craft Beer Festival...perfect timing! Kayaks and sups are used to pull a half barrel in a race to who can win the coveted RR trophy. $20 per person will get you entry, limited edition event t-shirt, use of a kayak or sup, free drink tickets to participating vendors and the chance to go down in history! More info to follow.

More Information at the Facebook Page: Click Here

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EOS opens Sheboygan Quarry Adventure Park

This new adventure for EOS will be a big undertaking but we are ready for the challenge! Look for family fun while nestled on the beach of the beautiful spring fed Sheboygan Quarry Park. Check out the website at

Opening mid June 2017 we will provide all the fun things that the park had in the past along with many experiences for paddle sports, lessons and group outings. We have big plans for the park in the future and can't wait to make the Quarry a destination for water and nature lovers like in the past!