Kayak and Paddle Board Rental Dock New Location for 2019 on South Pier Docks right in front of Float Doctors.

Open 11-5 weekends Memorial Day Weekend then everyday June 15 - Labor Day.

Our seasonal kayak rental dock is located on the Sheboygan River on South Pier .  Our rental stands are hourly and reservations are not necessary or accepted for groups under 10. Just show up at the dock and we'll get you out!

No Reservations required for groups under 10.

Surf,SUP, X-ski and snowshoe rentals available at shop year round see below for info. Shop located 510 N. 8th St.

Off site and longer rentals available at the shop with delivery, just call.

Delivery to: Sheboygan Area $25, Elkhart Lake -Crystal Lake $55, Oostburg-$45, Cedar Grove-$55  (minimum 2-DAY rental.

*No refunds on rentals*


Shop hours
(weather permitting)


Foam or Skimboard
$20/half day (at shop)
$30/open to close (at shop)
$35/24 hours (at shop)

Fiberglass Surfboard
$30/half day (at shop)
$35/open to close (at shop)
$45/24 hours (at shop) Week $120



Shop hours
(weather permitting)


SUP BOARD - includes paddle and PFD
$20/hr (at rental stand) 11-5pm
$55/half day (at shop)
$65/open to close (at shop) $75 for 24hr
2day-$115, 3day-$165, 4day-$200, 5day-$235, 6day-$260,7day-$275  



Shop hours
(weather permitting)


$15/half day (at shop)
$20/open to close (at shop)
$30/24 hours (at shop)

Boots and gloves
$7/half day (at shop)
$10/open to close (at shop)
$14/24 hours (at shop)



Daily 11a-5pm


Single kayak
$20/hr (River dock only)
includes paddle and PFD 


Tandem kayak
$30/hr (river dock only)
includes paddle and PFD

1day-$75, 2day-$110, 3day-$165, 4day-$190, 5day-$230, 6day-$255, 7day-$275


X-Country skis


Snow Shoes 



Day Rental
$18 (24hours) 

Day Rental
$12 (24hours)

Weekend Rental
$30 (2 days- add $5 per extra day)

Weekend Rental
$20 (2 days- add $3 per extra day)