Infinity Slater Trout Cutthroat - 12'6" Sup with board bag


Infinity Slater Trout Cutthroat - 12'6" Sup with board bag

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Features: While supplies last Free Boardbag.

  • Bottom rocker is a blended curve under the riders stance
  • Flat bottom with a 3/8″ of roll out to the rails
  • Flat bottom rolls softly into a Vee exit providing excellent release off the tail block in the flats and aides in riding swell while riding back off the tail
  • Rails are upright with soft edges providing a “slippery” release
  • Rails blend to a harder edge in the rear of the hull for top end release
  • Needle style nose outline forces the wide point in the outline at the balance point, enabling a closer to the body stroke for max power output
  • Narrower nose also gives the board a very responsive “out of the gate” sprint
  • Straight outline with 11″ tail block allows the water to race down the board fast without curving around it
  • Wider tail block provides stability in chop, surfs easier off the tail and turning around buoys, and catches bump and swell with ease
  • Shallow recessed cockpit for stability
  • Turned down “dart” style nose cuts through flat water very quiet, while maintaining a lower profile above the water reducing drag in the wind and piercing characteristics while punching through waves and chop
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Length 12'6

width 28

thickness 6-7/8

volume 250

For rider weight up to 200