Earth Surf 9'0 DRIFTWOOD

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Earth Surf 9'0 DRIFTWOOD


A no limits longboard. Handling both small waves and larger swell with style, the longboard 9’0 Drifwood offers both beginners and seasoned nose riders a ride with endless possibilities. Whether you’re looking to hang five, get tubed or perform a roundhouse cutback, this board is with you all the way. 

Effortlessly bringing together modern technology with old-school style, the 9’0” will satisfy surfers of all levels. Beginners will appreciate its volume and a forgiving outline, while advanced wave walkers will be impressed with the way it handles bigger waves and rides sweetly through the high-line into and out of radical sections.


Our new EARTH Surf range uses techniques and materials that respect the environment in which they are used: flax fiber, paulownia wood, matt Varnish-Free finish, woodcore fins. Results are surprisingly light, beautiful and robust boards with a natural matt wooden finish. In short, an EARTH Surf board will be your loyal travel companion for all your surfing adventures.

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9'0" 22.5" 71 L EARTH

Paddling out to the peak at dawn, walking through the woods in search of a new break, having a chat about the session around the campfire at sunset… EARTH Surf is much more than just surfing. It is a way of life, in close interaction with nature, where exploration and adventure prevail on performance under the spotlight. It is taking you back to the essence of free surfing, be as one with the environment and take this whole journey as an escape from the outside world, fun and relaxing, Deep into Nature.

All boards we produce are shaped and glassed as follows, ending up with beautiful and durable pieces of nature:
- Core: High density EPS Foam (1.5 lb/ft³) with central stringer
- Bottom and rail Lamination: 4 oz fiberglass + 6 oz natural Flax fiber + 4 oz fiberglass
- Deck lamination: 6 oz + 4 oz fiberglass + 0.5 mm Paulownia wood layer + 4 oz fiberglass
- Epoxy Resin
- Matte finish