Migration Plover 5'8

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46184588_1996943520342873_5501127840818528256_o (1).jpg

Migration Plover 5'8


While the short, plump, and round stature of most plover species might lead one to doubt their flying ability, do not be deceived. Plovers are fast and agile through the air. Likewise, our short, plump, and round Plover model speeds through sections that lesser boards get caught behind, all while being surprisingly nimble. A great board for waves up to head high, or slightly bigger. We recommend riding this board as short as you possibly can go.

Quad fin setup
Rolled belly entry transitioning to panel “v” through the tail
Fins set closer to the tail
Available in baby swallowtail or arctail.
Recommended Size Range:  4’11” - 5’11”

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5’8 X 22-3/4x 2-5/8