Spoonbill surfboard

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Spoonbill surfboard


A completely unique bird with their long spoon-shaped beak, Spoonbills are as eccentric as they are eye catching. Inhabiting coastal marshes and wetlands, these long-legged birds feed by sweeping their “spoon” from side to side in the shallow water or mud. Our Spoonbill model is also a bit of an eccentric board drawing inspiration from “pig” boards of the 60’s with a prominent step deck. The pinched rails, pintail, narrower profile, and “reduced swing weight” of the step deck combine to create fast trim with smooth, sweeping turns. A great board for noseriding in steeper beach breaks or long point breaks. Footwork highly encouraged.

Step deck
Wide point well behind center
Pinched rails
Recommended size range: 9’4” - 10’6”

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