Paddle. Surf. Explore.

As Wisconsin's first dedicated surf shop, EOS is the destination for adventurers with the passion for surfing and paddling the Great Lakes and Midwest waterways. EOS combines appropriate gear and knowledgeable staff to get you going on your next adventure!

Great Lakes Surfing

Sheboygan has been a surf destination for over fifty years, because of its location and its geography it has some of the best waves on the lake. There are many spots on all of the Great Lakes to surf with some yet to be discovered. That's why being a lake surfer is an adventure, getting up at dawn to drive hours to search out spots, camping out to wait for the best surf. Being local we are grateful to have pristine beaches, and surf breaks that will sometimes make you think you're at the ocean while sharing them with friends and family while surfing Sheboygan! MORE >>

What is SUP?

One of the best ways to get on the water is SUP or Stand Up Paddleboarding. Basically paddling big surfboard style boards while standing up. You can paddle any waterway with these in different conditions - inland flat water, rivers, surf and even yoga are making sups a multi use water vehicle. EOS was one of the first shops in the Midwest to embrace sup to its fullest potential with a huge selection of boards and gear. EOS also offers lessons for every skill level by certified instructors and has an extensive rental fleet to outfit your needs.